Sunday, 27 April 2014

Party Frocks

Who's Queen?
My mum came to visit in the Easter holidays to look after the children while I went to work (thanks mum!). On my day off we asked my daughter what she would like to do, as her older brother was off at a friends house for the day. 'Go shopping' was her prompt response. Where she's picked up the idea that shopping is a desirable activity I don't know, not from me certainly!

However, I'm always happy to browse in the fabric shop, so after running a few errands, including buying more pegs (where do they all go?!) and visiting the post office, we headed to Fabricland. Having tackled blouses I picked out a dress pattern for me and some blue polka dot material. Needless to say this is still sitting in it's carrier bag, but I'll get there eventually...

My daughter loves to look at all the different fabrics and colours, and confidently announced that "You could make me a dress, couldn't you mummy". So I guided her over to the printed cottons (after explaining that stretchy neon swimsuit fabric wasn't the ideal choice) and let her pick one. We bought a metre for less than a fiver, although in retrospect probably would have been better to get a little more to allow for facings.

When we got home I made up a simple paper pattern for the top half of the dress, using one of her vests as a guide for size. I used some of the butterfly fabric for the facings. The skirt is just a straight piece gathered at the top.

I made it over the course of a weekend, including a bit of hand sewing to finish off buttons and hems in front of the telly in the evenings. There are a few things I'd change about it, for example I'd make the waist a little higher, but in general I'm pleased that I managed to take a flat piece of fabric and make it into something that is definitely a dress.

I am also mega chuffed that daughter has chosen to wear it to a birthday party this afternoon, without any prompting from me.

Do you like the lining?

Blurry back view - model getting wriggly

Hand stitched hem