Thursday, 26 June 2014

Getting Around

It started as a practical thing, when I went back to work last year I needed a way to get to work. As it was a short journey (but too far to walk) I dug out my trusty Ridgeback, that I bought when about 4 months pregnant with Oldest and then promptly didn't ride for about five years, oops.

Then I found myself using the bike for other journeys, I kitted myself out with lights and a hi-vis jacket so I could ride at night. The final straw came when I put bike panniers on my Christmas list. I have to face up to it... I am A Cyclist.

And I love it... I don't love near misses with vans on a narrow road, but in general I feel proud of being able to get around my city on two wheels, often while carrying quite a bit of stuff with me in the afore-mentioned panniers. I've never felt joy while driving or taking a bus to work, but I frequently do when on my bike. A year of pedalling up hills (plenty of those in Bristol) has had a positive effect on my fitness too, and means that I can justify cake eating.

And it's not just me, there are others. It may be the sunny weather, but I'm seeing a lot of bikes round here at the moment. Many with Heath Robinson-esque racks and baskets attached to carry shopping or tools.

I'm busy indoctrinating the next generation too, Oldest has been riding without stabilisers for 18 months and loves to go out with me on the Bristol-Bath cycle path at the weekends. Youngest is mainly interested in the streamers on her handle bars (although, I quite fancy some of those tbh) and dolly seat on the back of the bike than actually learning to ride it, but we'll get there.

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