Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pink Knitting

I actually finished this ballet cardigan about ten days ago, but the recipient herself was a bit reticent about a photoshoot wearing a woolly cardi on a hot summer's day, just so her mother could tell strangers on the internet about it. Kids, eh?

She was in a better mood yesterday morning just before we went off to her class, so I seized the opportunity for a couple of pictures. I never had ballet classes, was always much more of a toyboy and couldn't stand pink. So I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the pink and princessy stuff that seems to surround young girls these days. But I can't deny that she does look rather cute, and we're looking forward to seeing her end of term 'show' next week.

This is a classic ballet cardigan, with wrap front and tie at the back. It's knitted from Wondersoft DK (only needed two 100g balls) using Stylecraft pattern 8044. I found it fairly straightforward, it's mostly stocking stitch, with garter stitch edging.

I also have to fess up and admit that this is the first knitted garment I have made and actually finished! (not including socks). I discovered that I do not enjoy making up as much as the knitting, but I pressed on and got there in the end.

And just to show an interest in ballet doesn't imply delicate flower, this cardigan also looks good accessorised with scooter and helmet (pink naturally).

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