Monday, 31 March 2014


Hello, we had our first real glimpse of spring weather this weekend and it was lovely. Bit breezy but plenty of sunshine. It was a weekend of pottering, doing jobs around the house and playing with the children. A friend came over on Saturday afternoon and we spent a pleasant few hours eating cake and making stuff. She brought her button stash along and youngest child was delighted to have a new treasure trove to trawl through.

I've been wanting to get myself a glue-gun for ages, and whilst making one of my surprises decided that I could do without one no longer and ordered a mini one from Hobbycraft. It came in handy on Saturday to make button brooches and earrings, plus I finished off surprise #4. The photo above represents one of my other surprises, which I delivered on a rather rainy Friday morning. They're hyacinth bulbs, hopefully they'll soon settle in at their new home.

In my day job I work for a charity that aims to tackle loneliness in old age. When I talk to our clients, particularly those in their 80s and 90s, it becomes so apparent that relationships and human contact are what really matters. It's really easy to get caught up in everyday life, but hanging out with friends will never be a waste of your time.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Who likes surprises?

I was going to blog last Friday, when I got caught up in running errands. Then on Saturday the rumbling earache I'd been ignoring for a week or so flared up into hot knitting needles of pain, leading me to sit sobbing in the NHS walk-in centre.

But anyway... after a week of antibiotics and strong painkillers, I'm now feeling much better and looking forward to a weekend that might actually include some sewing, hurrah!

Last weekend I was expertly looked after by my other half (I on the other hand am definitely not a Florence Nightingale, and really must make more of an effort next time he's ill) so a Sunday roast and probably some home-made cake will be on the agenda too, because I think he's earned it. I'm also lucky to have some great mates who helped out with school runs on Monday, you know who you are, and thank you!

Biscuits also played an important part in my convalescence, the tin above was a Facebook surprise present from my mate Jo. Knowing me as she does, she knows I appreciate biscuits, but even better than that, a lovely tin to put things in. Now it holds little more than crumbs, I shall find a space for it in my sewing stash - maybe for buttons? And now I'm feeling better I can pay forward the surprise, so here's the deal:

The first five people to post a comment on here or on the link I'm about to post on my Facebook page will receive a little surprise. It probably won't be biscuits, but it will be something nice...