Monday, 26 May 2014

Glorious Technicolour

Last weekend we had a craft group outing to The American Museum in Bath, which this year has an exhibition of Kaffe Fassett's work, the American artist who's probably best known for knitwear and his use of colour. Some of the pics are a little shaky, as no flash photography was allowed, but I just wanted to give a little glimpse of all the lovely colours.

'I'm flying high on colour' Kaffe Fassett
It was really amazing to see such a body of work together in one place, some cases included objects collected by Kaffe which had inspired particular pieces. At the centre of the exhibition space was a recreation of his studio, no white walls here! I came home itching to make quilts and stitch together scraps of contrasting colour.

I make no apologies that the rest of this post is basically 'ooh, look at the pretty colours'. I would definitely recommend a visit to this exhibition if you're anywhere near Bath. It's on until 2 November 2014, and there's more information on the American Museum website.