Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Busy Doing Nothing

You know how at the beginning of the year people make resolutions and decisions and all that jazz? Well, this year I actually did.

Seeing as I've been decluttering my personal possessions since Christmas (love a good clear out), I decided to have a bit of a life overhaul as well, which led to me handing in my notice 6 weeks ago on my day job. Now, if you know me in real life I've probably been bending your ear about exactly why I wanted to leave my job for quite some time, so I won't go into the exact reasons.

But the short version is that I'd become increasingly frustrated that I was juggling everything else (family, voluntary work, creative stuff) for a job that was making me (just a bit) miserable. So after discussing with my other half, and due to the fact that we are fortunate enough to manage on one salary for a while, I took the plunge. I felt like I wanted to leave before I became truly miserable - going into job interviews reeking of bitterness is not a good look...

My first official week out of work was last week, which was of course half term, so not much time to think about anything but entertaining the troops.  This week I'm trying to adjust of this strange new routine of time on my hands (between 9 and 3). School runs have already felt less stressful in the morning as I'm just focussing on dropping the children off, rather than seeing the school run as an irritation in the middle of my route to work.

There's been some dull housework stuff, sure, but also time to ride my bike, go for a swim and catch up on my knitting. Plus I've really been able to give some time to some voluntary projects, without guiltily having to squeeze it into my lunch break.

I finished a lovely new pair of socks (above) in time for my birthday last week, I made a pencil skirt from scratch (and without a pattern), I went to a foot-stomping Ska night on Saturday and have seen plenty of friends.

I feel like I'm still exhaling with relief, as my shoulders loosen up with the realisation that I have some time to decide what to do next.

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