Friday, 5 June 2015

Catch Up

So I give up the day job and I *still* don't blog! Must try harder... So what have I been doing with myself?

Well there has been a little bit of crafting. I finally finished off this little knitted dolly (It's from a Debbie Bliss pattern I think) which had been languishing in my knitting basket for an embarrassingly long time. Typical of me I had completed all the knitting ages ago but hadn't got round to sewing it together. Luckily I had the spur of my friend A having a beautiful baby daughter so I set to and dolly was neat and trim in under an hour, just in time for a visit and squidge with the newborn.

I also made myself an A-line skirt, which although I slightly bobbinsed up inserting the zip, does function in an A-line skirt capacity i.e. it fits over my hips/bum and hangs nicely to the knee. I can now state categorically that I have made socks for each member of my family, finishing off some zingy yellow and pink ones for my daughter (well received). Pics are below.

I've been indulging in all the yummy mummy cliches too. Quite a lot of yoga has been happening (I know! formal exercise!!) and I've been meeting friends for coffee/lunch as much as I can. Including meeting up with old friends, which is especially lovely.

I'm doing my best to ignore the pull of the PTA, for fear I never escape their clutches. But baking a few cakes can't do any harm can it? I mean I can stop any time I want right? Right?! I am back being a reading buddy at school and really enjoying it, and at home I'm reading some corking books with Youngest, who's just got the book bug. We recently finished Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield, which I avoided as a child due to the ballet associations (I wasn't a fan of pink), but I've discovered that it's a great book, full of working women, with the three Fossil sisters full of ambition and determined to make their way in the world.

Next on the list is to try and get some summer clothes made whilst it's still summer. But don't quote me on that...

Happiness is a new pair of socks

Quick A-line skirt