Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Making It

If I was a proper craft blogger, the photo here would be a beautifully composed arty shot of my handmade clothes flying on a traditional washing line (with authentic vintage pegs) against a beautifully tweaked blue sky. But I'm not.  So it isn't. Instead it's a quick snap I took on my phone while hanging up my washing on a slightly grey day.

But the reason I took it and why I include it here, is because it helps to illustrate some of the things I feel about making and sewing. I've been making stuff for most of my life - my mother says she was constantly in trouble for asking me to tidy up 'work in progress', but have got back more into sewing when I started this blog over four years ago. And one of the things I've been thinking about is the little buzz of pleasure I get to see handmade things around my home, and not just made by me but by my children and my husband. Clothes, quilts, toys, furniture, pictures, pottery, weird 3D printed widgets... All things that are used but are also lovely and custom made to fit our lives.

So even putting the washing out becomes more fun :)

Friday, 3 July 2015

Just like mummy

Recently I was slightly perturbed when youngest asked me to make 'a miniskirt'. After further questioning, it turned out that she wanted was a mini *version* of  my skirt. Ah...

My husband jokes that I am making her in my image (as we already have similar haircuts) but of course there is a little part of me that is quite flattered she wants to be 'just like mummy' at the moment. I look forward to reminding her of this when she is a sullen teenager, when she will no doubt shriek at me for not dissuading her from matching outfits. Oh well!

But as I had a spare piece of fabric left over, it seemed foolish not to use it. So I made a rough a-line skirt pattern out of paper, just a front and a back piece, plus allowance at the top for an elasticated waist (much easier for little hands, plus I didn't have a zip to hand). And there we have it one 'mini' skirt.

And seeing as even my trusty H&M doesn't seem to have the clothes that youngest wants to wear at the moment (and I'm not prepared to pay Boden prices), making a few summer clothes for her seems the best way forward. I've already made a pair of cotton shorts (below), but in the interests of transparency must admit that this was the second go at shorts, the first pair being rather on the <ahem> voluminous side. And as they were in blue/white striped fabric, did look a little like pyjamas.

I also had a little moment in Fabricland this morning, and bought these two cute heavy cotton prints. After consultation with youngest, the pink will become a skirt and the blue birds another pair of shorts.